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See im a rich piru by the way, & i fuck with dimous by the way,
See his shit got stolen by the way i had on a mask so he didn't know me by the way,
Okay the nigga try to press by the way,
Cpr put the pump to his chest by the way,
The ambulance pulled up & couldn't bring him back by the way ,
Put his body in a bag & uhh took him away.
Okay, look my album just dropped by the way,
Uhh im about to cop that phantom drop by the way,
Okay okay niggas sneak dis by the way,
Well im about to frontline this shit by the way,
These niggas stole my shit by the way,
So ima fuck the nigga bitch by the way,
Im talking to 2 fucks, haaaa, like whaaaat by the way,
Whats happenin nigga?

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