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This Frontier Needs Heroes

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Release date : 27/08/2013

Duration : 0:04:29

Style : Alternative

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I woke up so sad and hungover
Another wasted night on the sunset strip
You know that these lights don't mean nothing
Except all of the water i should have sipped

I'm waiting now for some inspiration
Something that'll make me move
Everything's coming at me all at once
And theirs so much that i could never prove

Even george clooney gets lonely
Maybe he just goes to sleep alone
Sitting in a jail or in a taxi
Oh how i hate to hear you cry and moan

The ghosts of entertainers are all around me
This is where you go to try and buy
All your silly dreams and hopeless lies
The world of man is sick and needs to die

Even george clooney gets lonely
I read about it on cnn
Married or divorced what's the difference
A whole lot of nothing of course

Well you can't ever get ahead in this town
Just hope to cruise and bide your time
Once in a million gets lucky
The rest of us just suffer through and cry

Well i don't want to hurt you or curse you
I don't want you to stop having fun
But all the money in the world can't undo
All the stuff that i still haven't done

Even george clooney gets lonely
And angelina jolie
They can't hide from all their beauty
Or turn away when they don't think it's fair.

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