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Blue Meanies

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Release date : 11/01/2007

Duration : 0:01:46

Style : Alternative

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Ain't got a job ain't got a home ain't got a place i can call my home got no time got no rhyme and i don't care if you think it fits i'm a have not got no clue got no view i don't care if i'm out of tune i got vision i got sight and i don't care if you think i'm right i'm a have not i'm a bore.... what you sleeping for i'm a waste.... you're a waste of space i'm a loss.... you're a loss of time i'm a space.... you're a hopeless case in no scene got no means to get me out of the inbetween i'm not punk and i can't skank and i don't care for your social rank stuck in the populace inside megapolis checking credit testing piss all to be a part of this i am human right i refuse to fight for your rules for your schools i refuse to be your fuel

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