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Flying Lotus

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Boy i'm certainly certified, sick as shit, super fly chipped tooth, hazel eyes, where he from? bang of kok fuck you, gang or not, brainfeeder we alive (p-h) we unite, faggots, i see you not cars i can see you drive, stories i see you plot game? i'mma see her box, you? you see her watch (watch?) cause she's always tryna leave she's like "nigga, chill the fuck out, why don't you just let me breathe? i just wanna ho, i just wanna be a skeeze i just want a couple thousand gs but only on the breeze cause i been reading zane and they got me horny cause this is the life for me" (oowww!) while women do that nigga, i'mma divide chips probably take over the uni with my dick and i can see the secrets through my eyelids even if they closed, nigga fuck it though a language that these people will never know a plant from the fucking ground you could never grow but nigga, you best pick up your phone cause you don't wanna be here when the world's gone uhh, no pain no gain hoes saying if you tryna be fit and get it in and umm... go ahead, get your benjamins but homie remember when you do stay militant go figuring then he lost his gold to a bitch and her women-friend wondering "damn, i don't know if i can go back again." the flow'll bring you the rough road, you only visiting then he dip with the mental him vince to configuring, nights in the wind again i heard he got different and moved out to michigan, what's up with your new friends ducking and dodging like they playing dodgeball wherever the dimes fall, he stash em in the drywall just to get by he say but his family doing good, can't they break him off a spare plate? maybe a rib if you lucky got played across the board like buckey with independent truckies i got the whole uni (the whole entire uni?) i go the whole uni strapped up to my boot heel that’s my fuckin' word don’t give a flyin' fuck how you feel said to many f’s already every he curses heavy maybe i’m a monster from the forest i came up to your cabin in the woods just to eat up all the porridge the kinda shit i spit beyond the mic is so elaborate like a cabber in a labyrinth, imagine how the magic get (klatuu, verata-) i cast a spell without a magic kit that phoenix down, take a bow, then reveal the tourniquet man, i'm babbling for money (man i'm traveling for money) man i'm in japan laughing cause their bathroom's funny like a bidet named toto chilling in the shire smokin' on that fire frodo they say he ghetto like a miller high life on 'em and stunt the chain like a nigga lite-brite on 'em

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