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Release date : 15/08/2006

Duration : 0:01:49

Style : Rock

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Theres gonna be a riot tonight
Lose your head, dive into the fight
Sense and sanity, leave it behind
Set it off, go way outta line

Reach the limit and set for beyond
True insanity will loosen the tight bonds
Scum fucks, trash, slobs, mentally stunned ones
Release, explode, were a megaton bomb

Full scale pure mosh, adrenalin rush
Untied, flat lined, deaf dumb blind
No quit, full tilt, love it and lose it
Nothing beats another round in the pit

This night will be the end of this place
Rest assured, therell be nothing left, it wont stand
The blast will be a full scale discharge
Well be back, next pit, next show, well never quit because

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