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The Year In Review

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Youll be the death of me at the rate were going.
Just running through the motions, never took the time to know me.
Were almost at the end, but whys it feel like we never started?
Well weve departed.
And im not asking much,
Were far too far away to figure out on our own
As weve grown in and out of ourselves
These photos fade away on my shelf.

Enoughs enough.
Im sick of all these tensions,
You never pay attention to what matters most.
Youve lose your point of view,
You wont view whats in front of you.
But im used to what you do.

I cant keep my thoughts away from you anymore.
Because everything you ask for never pays off for me
Based on what ive seen and who youve come to be.
Youve made me worry one too many nights,
On what i felt was right.
Second guessing every word i write.

How could you let it get to this point?
I never thought itd get to this point.
Never thought id grow in and out of myself.
Youve grown in and out of yourself.

Im running on empty.

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