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This Frontier Needs Heroes

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Release date : 17/04/2009

Duration : 0:03:37

Style : Singer/Songwriter

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I suffered long enough to know its time to change
Where everything makes sense but everything is strange
Could it be that i have walked into some arbitrary game
Where everything you think is true is utterly insane
And everything you try tot take just sullies up your name

Long gone long gone long gone

I come from a place and i know who i am
Chaos will thunderbolt right into this stubborn dam
When i heard you say i cant i said we can
Watch as everything you need goes right into your hand

Long gone long gone long gone

Set off into the night and fly like a trapeze
Go home and go to bed and get down on your knees
And don't forget before you wish the magic word is please
Or you might end up like a crazy baron in the trees

Long gone long gone long gone

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