Lyrics of River of brake lights

Julian Casablancas

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We might be in for a late night
Stuck in a lava flow of brake lights
I can hear a rattling bass drum
Driving back to where it came from

Set back, ohh
I shop, therefore i am the cause
Protect me from what i was

Getting the hang of it (8x)
Timing is everything (6x)

I'm at your feet
Where critters meet
You should be a secret knight
Crossing roads or highways
In the afterlife of supercities,
Rapidly devouring it's outskirts
It's me or an octopus arm
Redecorating late at night

Robot game for kids who hate sports
Mothers crying at the airport
Fighting the dreams you left behind to-do
Waving goodbye, your young heart cries for you

Set back, ohh
You're finding it hard
To get very far

We were born waiting in life
Grabbing the future by the eyes

Getting the hang of it, getting the hang of it
Timing is everything, timing is everything
Getting the hang of it, timing is everything
Getting the hang of it, timing is everything

Timing the hang of it
Getting is everything
Getting the time of it
Everything hanging is
Hanging the getting of
Timing the everything

Like bodies we die
Like rivers we dry
We fuel and recharge the chimers and doors
Myself, myself
Lead my homeward bound
Where did you go?
You were my ride home

Is that what we want?
Is everything shot?
Is that what you ask for?
'cause that's what we got

Love is destined
Love is there still

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