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Modern Talking

pochette album 10 seconds to countdown
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Release date : 26/02/2002

Duration : 0:03:2

Style : Pop

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You are the best for all of times
You beat the rest, you're in my mind
Don't take away this dream in me
Don't leave me here in misery

You are the best from coast to coast
From east to west love you the most
It's hard to win, you try your best
And we are sure you'll beat the rest

10 seconds to countdown
10 seconds to know
Who will be the hero
Everybody loves the show

You are the champ, a hurricane
From heaven sent you win again
Oh, tell me where the hero's gone
But you are here we can't go wrong

The price is high when dreams come true
Oh, we can fly it's up to you
It's hard to win you try your best
And we are sure you beat the rest

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