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Bombshell Rocks

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Release date : 26/07/2008

Duration : 0:03:28

Style : Alternative

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There's a silent chaos
I'm waiting for disorder but it's already here
It's accelerating
Struck by surprise, now i see it clear

An on going crisis
The situation is locked, the winds ain't turning
We're heading for the 21st century
And the rights are burning

You know, i'm right here
Right in the fire line
I stand and breathe the atmosphere

And i'm hit 1.80 down
Oh i'm, hit, you know i'm hit to the floor
And i'm rising 1.80 up
Well, i'm rising, you know i'm rising to get some more

1.80 down is what you've got now
1.80 up is what you've got now
Rising, i'm rising to get some more

A broken soul
One among many in a beaten generation
A broken dream
One among many in a fucked up nation

It's a steady situation
Some people stand up, others are crawling
There's no communication
The lines are broken and the bridges are falling

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