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Pencey Prep

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Release date : 15/04/2005

Duration : 0:05:59

Style : Rock

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I wear myself too thin
Can't help myself this time
I'm on the outside looking in
Can't see my self this time

Don't wanna go
Don't wanna drive back home
There's nothing left for me
It's 1 am
It's 2 am
It's 4 in the morning

Did i think she'd be here?
Did i fool myself again?
I think i did
I think i fooled myself again

If i spend just one
Just one more night
Being mediocre
Then i'll scream at the top of my lungs
But it falls on deaf ears

I scream out loud
But no one hears a sound
I take my life with lack of sleep
I believe the things i feel
The things i see are fooling only me

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