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Anti Flag

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I've stood by, and i've eried,
While my friends have died
You ever had a friend kill
Themselves, shot down, or
Just when i think it's happened

It comes knocking back again to
For the final time,
Devastate my life
20 years of hell
20 years of hell
For i've been living far too long
And i wish my life was done

Summer's night
I said, "good-bye" to you, on a
With you but, oh it's too late
Now i wish that i had stayed
Next thing i knew was that
You'd been in an attack
And you were laying in a cold
Morgue stuffed into a body bag

I saw you last night you said i
And where'd i get the idea you
Were gone?
Was wrong
I woke up to sounds of my own
I woke up in a sweat it was just
And on...
A dream
And that dream goes on and on
With it ever end? well i don't... i
Don't know
I don't ... know...

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