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King's X

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Release date : 08/02/2005

Duration : 0:04:41

Style : Rock

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Based on the information hangin' on my brain
Put it all together and this is what i get
Kinda like an acid trip you'd take in '69
When it was stronger

Looked in the mirror and this is what i see
No matter how hard i try i just can't let it be
Cut off all my dreadlocks and now i'm feeling free
Here comes my neighbor

67 stations watching
Cable television in the bedroom

Everywhere i turn seems like another trap
Sent a death sentence to my own address
I thought i could do it but now i know i can't
Wish i could just go away

Yeah, i watch the sun setting in the west
Probably a thousand times and every one was best
Lone ranger desperado following the tracks
Life after rock n' roll

67 stations watching
Cable television in tour bedroom
67 stations stations, yeah
In your bedroom

Life is getting better, 'cause i don't want to cry
I get too embarrassed when my eyes are just too dry
Manic manipulation, i play it all the time
Rocky mountain, yeah

67 stations watching
Cable television in your bedroom, yeah
67 stations in your bedroom

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