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Release date : 15/12/2008

Duration : 0:04:04

Style : Rock

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Foretold in may prophecies
Global apocalypse has arrived
Those who lived, wish they were dead
Walk the live of life and death
Radiation that covers the skies
Nuclear mutants holes for eyes

Burnt beyond recognition
Melted flesh nature's disguise
Charred corpses ashes to dust
Malicious cries of unrelenting lust

Mutated victims, dwell underground
Contamination leads to starvation
Water and food supply destroyed
Chemical disease followed by

Diabolical unleashment
Spewing forth an inferno of carnage
Torn wasteland of rubbish and debris
After the bomb, nothing left to see

Power hungry nations
Technology and science
Prove man's progression is really regression

War and political violence
Have brought about the end
Blood for blood
Abomination the final godsend

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