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Travelling from a faded love
Fluttering as, a, fatal forest
Reverse the genital process, bringing forth a child
Horses juice gaze over inferno
The wind blows my hair-
The cliffs are upon
Nearer to heart than eyes
Detesting obstruded thirsty trials
Muttered drips laughs
I mour for my father : our king
Servant, slaves and poor-
Have been the one-
Dream of power
Strayed-off obfuscation
Sights of holy grin
Utter the miror of silence
Aesthetic fluttering
In conciousness emotion
The climates begins
Shattered deepness draped in white
Fire my dust ecstasy i fly
Can you hear ite
Could i leave it e
Infernal travesty, oh no ...doomed my eve
Obssessed risk : the need to see more trees
Inaudible sounds, thou art drink from my veins
Hash softness in my body
Harvests the lust pegase
Stillness, wind silent as
The moon shines
Bright as a tree in darkness
Horses of calmness caress me
Miserable shadowings mist, doom my soul
Emptyness is my desire
Slowly i'm failing down, down
Show me the glory, hammer god!
Obscure windows of wiseness and wisdom
Of develish friendship, wolves recall my hymns
Endless paranod symphonies
Solar stars focus power of iniquity
Aesthetic, shredded, pictures, haunt
Rememberance granted, everlasting joy

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