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Damn! i'm late by a muthafucken hour.
I still gotta iron and take a fucken shower.
Had my jaina crease up my dickies
Put a close hood on my neck
So my other jaina wouldn't see me hickies.
Got dressed starting running down the block
The fucken bus just left the bus stop
So i had to just kick back
I asked this lady for change
The bitch almost had a heart attack.
I said ain't this some shit
The bitch was as prejudice as prejudice can be.
And if that wasn't enough,
The old hoe told me to go back to mexico.
I wanted to kill the ole crow,
But i ain't goin' to prison for a senior citizen,
So i got on the bus,
And i was on my way.
I knew today would be a fucked up day.
I don't know how it works for you,
But this was the beginning of my first day of school.

After 20 minutes finally found my homeroom-in a bad mood,
To top it off the fucken teacher was rude.
He said

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