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Release date : 24/08/2004

Duration : 0:02:24

Style : Rock

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How can someone tell you they love you?
Though they don't when you're not around
How can someone tell you they need you?
When you don't know where to be found

If you want to go i'll take cover
Just don't act like it's the end of the world
You've seen something that's better
But that is something we won't mention
'cuz it's not me

I'm alright by now
Alright by now
Alright, alright by now, alright
All, all of these things make me go away

How can we go through this together?
When everything has just gone apart
And everything you say are the wrong words
To make me think we're in the dark

You want to go all the way from the world
That extends to the end of the earth
That is something we should get lost
But that is something i can't mention
It's not you

I'm alright by now
I'm alright by now
Alright, alright by now
I'm alright now

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