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Teen Idols

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Release date : 01/01/2005

Duration : 0:02:59

Style : Alternative

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Another morning, my alarms clock's warning the ceiling's cracked and the rain is pouring in my coffee cup as i get the courage up i drag a comb across my thinning hair and try to energize my vacant stare and try to find a way just to face another day the world is hard and it's cold outside there's another ticket on the car i drive and i'm late again for my nine-to-five i sometimes wonder why i'm still alive in another time another place i just might stand up tall and win the race with a few more dimes a younger face i could just take it all and enjoy the taste the hour's late and it's getting hot as i sit alone in the parking lot i put a bullet in the gun i bought and realize that my chance is shot

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