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Release date : 12/09/2014

Duration : 0:03:54

Style : Singer/Songwriter

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Baby, leave your hometown
You've been here for quite a while
You got to break free from this old place
You say you want to see the ocean some day
Go and see the ocean someday

My baby left his hometown
He said it felt like an aquarium
Mamma told him 'while you're gone, if you feel lonely, listen:
The bells tolling in the night will always be your friends,
'cause every city has its bells.'

Since he left his hometown
My baby travelled the world all around
He said 'the ocean is blue and it's so wide,
But it has a bottom and a side'

No matter how far or how fast you run
There will always be an aquarium

He said 'now i know why every city has its bells,
It's just the wind blowing through old shells...'

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