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Im going back to my first love, im going back to my first joy
Im going back where i first believed, going back to my priority
Cause i strayed away many a day, said that i would not
Done the things that i should not have done,
Ive done wrong, but now i wanna come home
Im so sorry, forgive me lord, i know where i belong

Crying, oh lord, wont you restore all of my joy
Cause i just wanna love you more
And each day i pray that you would lead my way
Grant me your mercy and grace, falling on my knees today
I just wanna find my way back to you

Im going back, wanna go back to my first love
Back to my first love
Dont kill the fatted calf; you aint got to roast no lamb
Dont need a fancy ring or material things,
You can bar-b-que wings in the backyard, its alright with me
It really doesnt matter lord, just as long as im right where you are
Ive been gone a little to long, now i wanna come home
Oh, what a lesson ive learned
It was i who walked away; father i sho regret that day
Its time for me to return

Ive had many dreams about the day when id be comin home
Just wanna see your face; what a restoration
Dont need no group party just to help me get my praise on
Appreciate the celebration

Cause now im back with my first love, back with my first joy
Back to the old landmark, back with a brand new start
Im back with my first love, got my head on straight;
Back with my first joy, ive been restored to where i first believed,
Back to my priority, back

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