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Soulja Boy

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Intro (young l)
I think im based (based8x)

Young l:
Goddamn man,
I got my swag from japan man
Jump car van damn
I been that nigga
Die hard tranzam
Gorrila nigga, money like a tranzam.
I aint trippin'
Flow god givin' (hova)
Ground shifting, i think that im that nigga (hova)
And you think that you that nigga till you look off in the mirror and you just look at yo slither oath
Damn, i done gassed so hard
Man, i done swagged all day
Damn, i came with that bald fade
I be gettin' and i be stuntin like im parlaying
Damn that nigga french
He fuckin' from europe or something three shit
Oh my god, its that young fucking guest

Soulja boy:
I call the hit man leave no witness
Im riding windows tented
Mind yo fuckin business
Diving in that ocean like a fuckin olympic swimmer
Niggas no contender
Do you not remember
One mil iced up just like the winter
2012 im splashed up
All my tv's plasma
Ready for that action
Man this shit a tragedy
Address me as yo majesty
This shit right here a masterpiece
I fuck off with young l
Thats bra thats family
And we do this annually
Toat that k up on me g
Niggas know its complete
Nigga talk shit you capesh
And i post up with that automatic
Nigga talk shit and i let em have it
Niggas know im bussin'
Disrespect pink dolphin its gonna be repercussions
Soulja tell em' in public
Im standing on the couch
Yes, its gold swagg daddy
5 chains, 5 rings i made the hood happy
Niggas mad at me
It dont make no sense
Cuz i came with that 40 clip on my fuckin' hip
And i still represent
Bitch i make you take a swim
And yea im al pacino
Hang yo fuckin' body over that building nigga im nino
Toat that fuckin' sphhhhhhhh
Niggas bet not slip i got thang on repeat
Lil dre that be my name
Man my niggas blast for me
Disrespecting black jesus and that shit is blasphemy
Got my nigga l, ridin' shot gun in that bentley coupe
Word around town pink dolphin niggas got the juice
Young legend niggas, young ocean gang we splashin
Man this shit is just like magic
And my swag is so fantastic
You niggas think its trajic
But im ballin' and you know
Got a million on the low
And i will never sell my soul
See, sold out the converts all across the glob
Pink dolphin on that hoe
Domo mario on that hoe

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