Lyrics of Beloved

Melissa Etheridge

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Someone's shouting at me
You're all going to hell
Must not be too far away
Sometimes i can never tell

My shoes are still as empty
A mile they never walked
Send in their donations
And they never have to talk again

My beloved
The only one i see standing up for me
My beloved
Close my eyes heal my pride

I just want to show them who i am
I just want to show them what i can do
There's not much use to curse the damned
And there's power in nothing to lose

Someone's spittin' blood
Face down in the dirt
Someone's thinking about a gun
To try and stop the hurt

Someone drew conclusions
On the wall of destiny
Someone's gettin' louder
And that someone would be me

You think if you don't answer
The world will pass you by
But there's a fire in your kitchen
And the water's three feet high and risin'

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