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Brooke Candy

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Brooke candy
Wassup, uh!

(verse 1)
Oh shit, bad bitch alert. tryna get a taste of this candy
Fuck up and get your feelings hurt.
Yeah, the name is brooke candy, baby
Basic bitches can't stand me, baby
I'm the reason that they man be crazy
Goin' off cause they want this
But they can never get involved with the boss bitch
Cause a boss bitch don't care what the cost is
And i don't trip or get involved with the losses
(oh shit!)
I don't give a damn what your porsche is
You bought 12 courses 'cause you wanna explore this
But the heels and the lace and denim
Ain't nothing to the billion dollar pussy that's in 'em
Maybe i'ma let you try it, slide back
Slow down and rewind that
Ride there, grind it
Yeah, nobody can do it like me 'cause i'ma boss ass

I heard she's a bitch.
She might be!
She might be!
I heard she's a bitch.
She might be!
Take a look, you ain't never seen a bitch like me

(verse 2)
Fuck all of that basic shit
If you scared of the pussy, why you chasing it?
Start embracing it
I know you wanna get a taste of it
Open up and put yo face in it
Now get off from there
Run and tell everybody that the boss is back
Report right now to where my office at
We gotta have a little meeting 'bout you talkin' back.
You make it rain, that ain't cause shit
I'm a boss bitch,i control the environment
I'll make you wetter than ever
Storm on your front seat, all over the leather/
Now you textin' ya friends like we're going together.
Thought the sex was alright, yeah, you know i had better.
Ol' regular dick, you get called back never.
Once i hit then i mark that shit, i'ma boss ass bitch.


(verse 3)
This is what a bad bitch look like
Brooke be the one that wrote the bad bitch book, right?
Cause consider my life the manual
Cause i'm the first of my type
Put the young bad bitches to train
That's why i lead by example, they can study the gang
That's why i'm taking the blame
You can put it on me, i can pay for the fame.
(i heard she's a bitch)
So what?
They all start off hatin' and eventually switch.
(i heard she's a bitch)
So what?
That's what they call a woman if she's famous and rich.
And i don't give a damn about dead terms
I move how i move and then they'll learn
One of a kind and they'll be lucky
If they ever ever seen another bitch like me


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