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Modern Talking

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Release date : 02/12/1988

Duration : 0:04:

Style : Pop

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I was blinded by your love
I was blinded by your love
I couldn't talk to you last night
Friends and strangers side by side
I was blinded by your love

Oh god knows
We're walking through a fire
Sound of breaking hearts around
Oh you know, we're burning in desire
City of the lost and found
In a world of broken dreams
We will build a better life
You're my venus in blue jeans
Only the strong survive

So come on baby, come on baby

Dreams are made
Made of deep emotion
Love will feed a brand new world
Baby, you need the shadows and devotion
Living in a better world
There's a heavy weather girl
The clouds disappear
The masquerade of loneliness
Is drowning too much tears
Come on baby, come on baby

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