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Go head baby
Ya jigglin baby
Go head baby

Im all about the cash pot
Can i stash somethin
What the blood clot
Lookin for ya girl to make it happen
They say fuck the singin do the rappin
We can take it back to 05 if u wanna start actin like u live
Cause back then
I would eat a half then
I would drink a fifth then
I would smoke a spliff
Then we could start the party cz we ain't even hardly feel it kick in yet u kno we on some shit
Now im on the books im legit
Sign the check make it quick
U save it i flip
Turn it to a grip
Ur investment made u sick
While im illin on a trip
Narcotics in the hooka
And they say the root of
All evil is money
I only hear that from broke people
U couldn't rob me if ur name was bobby
Im makin money and im talkin shit like its a hobby
What the blood clot
Bitch claim u bad but you not
Truth is u really wish u had what i got
And what i got goin on sting ya chest like a shot
Thats my fault
Every time you hear my name its rock salt
Im rockin w my cock out
I never win by default
The term is verbal assault
Killin shit
Spit that chrome n metal shit
No beef i just settled it
Listen up
Im a loud bitch u can hear when im thinkin
My sound
Got a strong aroma u can hear when im stinking
The whole fuckin place
Need to fix ya fuckin face
Since they let me out the cage i just lock down n shake
Tell my life like a stori
Ain't no one in my lane
Let the whole world kno my fuckin name
What the blood clot??!

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