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Release date : 26/10/2011

Duration : 0:03:18

Style : Heavy Metal

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I'm headed - i got a bosscap on
I'm leaded - like satan's son

Just a negative dimension with a nasty horror twist
You're a sinker with a bullet baby on the bottom of my list

Oh yeah - i'm a sidestreet stalker with a tenpound hammer boot
Hey well come on just a loudmouth talker with a hangup on the groove

Choose the highway or the path
Get a taste of bossman wrath
Feel the system of my math

Part of me is animal bossheaded oh bossheaded
Just a right-on beast
I'm connected to the power-dial
Like a kung-fu priest

Gotta go gotta do it right
Jet pilot on a power flight
Comin' down with a hellish might tonight

Oh yeah, i'm feelin' fast - so whaddaya know
Gotta make it last - you gotta go
I said you gotta go - you gotta go


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