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pochette album Bottles of whatever
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sonnerie téléphone portable pour Bottles of whatever
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Lets go
Yo get that camara in full zoom
Get get the pic qiuck cuz soon ill be gone on patron
Needa get this place pumping
We got the beat and got the ryhmes
Yall should be jumping
You dancing with a hottie
Go buy her a barcardi
If you think shes nice
Youll have a good night
We all hear to have fun
No fighting or no violence
Just here to get crunk, ahh
Make the floor crack when we bring this beat back
Cause we all drinking bottles of whatever
Switch it up
We all got or own style
We all switch it up
Haters yeah bring us down but we dont give a fuck
Cuz we all beautiful in our own ways
No matter what anybody says
So when we dancing
Put your drinks in the air
Scream the words to the song
Like we just dont care. haa!
Switch it up
Keep on partying yo
Keep the track playing
Itll never get old
Ever think whats its like to be care free
No need anymore, just come dance with me

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