Lyrics of Burning feet

Chris Rea

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Release date : 30/09/2002

Duration : 0:05:01

Style : Pop

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No standing with these burning feet
I got to kill the fire, got to kill the heat
I see a road and a river, i gotta go
'cos there's fire in my shoes, and you're moving too slow
For these burning feet.

I got to move, burning feet
Need a cool groove, burning feet
Burning feet, win or lose
Looking to kill the heat
Of those burning shoes.

One day they'll find me in pieces, by the side of the track
Smoke trail behind, flames from my back
This is what made me, yeah how i was made
Forever in the heat, and never in the shade
Of these burning feet.

Burning feet, i got to move
Burning feet, need a cool groove
Burning feet, win or lose
Looking to kill the heat, of these burning shoes.

Chris rea & jazzee blue

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