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Yvonne Chakachaka

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I waited long, day after day
For love to come my way
My eyes is looking, my heart's desire
A very special man (3x)
I'm burning up (2x)
My heart's on fire i'm burning up,
I'm burning i'm burning up
And when he gets here, strong
And sincere with stars in his eyes
And the way he talks holds me
When i fall he'll be my special man (3x)
Repeat chorus 3x
Conversation - phone ringing man:
Fire station officer stones speaking woman:
Help, help, i'm on fire i'm on fire man:
Be cool, honey what's your address,
Where you at woman: number 1, 22nd street man:
We are on our way we're gonna put out that fire
Take it easy, relax we are on our way to rescue you woman: hurry, hurry, help me, i'm burning up repeat chorus 2x
I'm waiting for a knock on my door
From a special man i close my eyes,
I see paradise yes, i am ready for love
Are you ready (yes/yea i'm ready for love)
(2x) repeat chorus till fade

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