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Five miles deep underwater
You hear their voices sing
Surely that must be to every man
A most fantastic thing

Five miles deep underwater
You hear them singin

Calling...calling etc.

Put away the harpoon gun
You don't need it anymore
All we have for a memory
Is bones washed on the shore




And it's a most fantastic thing

Tell me how did we get this far
Are we about to lose
Does it come to late we realise
We've lost the chance to choose




Hear then calling...calling

And you will hear them sing
Bridge and chorus etc.

Frightened kid (anderson/meyer/johnston)
There was nowhere to run in the family
When mum and dad started fighting
Her brothers and sisters turning away
They were frightened

Though she worked hard at school
She never pulled a trick
The secrets to learning escaped her
The teacher said you're just a slow achiever

Just a frightened kid
Just a frightened kid
She's just a frightened kid

Just a frightened kid
There was nowhere to run
And there was nowhere to hide
Her tortured young mind
It was screaming
There's a person in here starting to drown
Won't you save me

I've got things in my head
I can't understand
I need some love and a helping hand
And her parents said
We just don't believe ya


She's wild on the streets
Just a frightened kid
Wild and alone
Just a frightened kid
She ran away and hid
Just a frightened kid

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