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Major Lazer

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Release date : 16/06/2009

Duration : 0:04:03

Style : Alternative

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Girl im loving you more every day, cant stop now
Ill be loving you more tomorrow, cant stop now
(verse 1: azealia banks)
I get the - like high fives
Leave your - hanging out on a clothes line
Play peek-a-boo through a slit like blinds
And seen his little meat __
Up _ street time to retreat
___ hit the door like road runner
No __ no __ on my block
Your condom fit like a skittle in a sock
I havent had a tater tot since i ate school lunch
So you can eat the while i _ these blunts
(verse 2: azealia banks)
Sweeter than a ___ you know we gotta
You follow im the leader
You tamera im the tia cause a -
You stuck on dumb dumb
All i want is - and then some
Too strict like ___ on halloween
Pull up to banks like __
Broke ones wont get very far with me
Cheap is what i find hard to be

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