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Release date : 12/05/2008

Duration : 0:03:49

Style : Rock

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Kill them, for they must die
Mongers of the greatest lie
Burn them, for sins they scar
Followers not leaders in war

Left to rot is their faith on poles
Icons shatter with burning holes
Curtains fall on religion's role
The cancer of the soul

Hallowed name, holy trinity
With disdain now crush this divinity
Preaching tongues, lizard spawned
Recycle the christian death from beyond

House of god, pit of snakes
Staring through the eyes of mistakes
In their hearts, oh they carry fear
Succumb to death and make it disappear

Casket cracks, human debris
Death in the last degree
Salvation's not, to be seen
Faith is lost in the blood-red scream

Repeating god's, name in vain
The mantra of your life's pain
Body cracks, vivisection
Salvation's now a dead infection

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