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Lil Twist

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Just try this again
Hawaii and punch

Aaa this young is in charge
Backpack is been large
A new weep every day
He drag my garage
And is been in super charge
I ain't say it' won't mine
But look we live in large
Fresh ways, something yellow ...
Coming back with the black
I don't how to act
Mister casual flow
But i don't know how to slay
I'm rolling bugatti is this
I don't know how to lack
Unless i'm gain ...
If i'm in it ask a lady
If i'm getting paid
If you not think i'm ... the more i've ...
Try out to rose it free ... out day
Why i'm seeing be my timo ti like too ..
I kill him off, kill him off like first 48
Just give me one of those
If i need two days for drop my gun
When in a store, have my fun, doin' on the floor
Open the door, give me .. and more
Open your pocket you hore and
But i'm just.. i'm not poor
That's why i came here for
And no not because i needed more

That's my time to time
But it's back time to show who i'm ..
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Twist on every girl ....
How the hell could you kiss this ahh

Let, let to be break in
... angel wings
And i didn't say ..
Cool, cool and amazing
How the hell is .. rasing
I'm chill on a vacation
Would you make it, asian, caucasian
.. i mean cuban, ...
We're working, we are snoozing
.... and i try to movin'
Begin' to the money is somethin' i can't get tired of jewelry
So i'm gonna keep work till...
Slow up,slow up, show up, show up ..
To the ....
Rap us away is there any left
Slow up, slow down ya
This are movin' around ya
You didn't like me you only imagine you like me now

.... with us
You see your money with us
You should be running with us
Instead of running from us
You see as doin' any ..
So you be droping your ..
And every time she speak
You know she's .. the twist

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