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Your panties on the floor right next to me
Got'chu screamin' "n-gga damn"
Hang that sign up on the door that say "privacy"
Cause you gon' get it girl!
Bend your back now girl,
Imma set the camera up,
Blow your back out,
Rewind the tape,
And play it back now girl
So just celebrate
Ladies, right now

(said ohh)
I'm gonna give it,
You gonna get it,
Baby when i did it (2x)
Work you right

We got that bottle of that rosa
Baby we go celebrate
Make you feel like its your birthday,
Baby we go celebrate
Private after party
I can't wait to celebrate all up on your body
Baby we go celebrate
It's like da fourth of july inbetween thighs
It's like fireworks just light up sky
Don't need no invitation
You're my reservation to this love making
It's a celebration

(trey songz)
Celebrate you
Just cuz your special
I'll show you when i undress you girl
Ohhh it's a celebration
Ohh girl a celebrate
Pulled up in a drop top
You hopped your sexy ass in
Girl im tellin you once this party starts it never ends
Buckle up girl you know how that maserati spins
Just wanna touch you in places my hands have never been
Yes boo, soo true my lips too
They were made to kiss you
Make you say i miss you just cause of the way that i lick you
Fresh up off the road on a world wide tour
You can celebrate now baby im yours
You can have a trey day
Baby we can celebrate
You can have it your way
Baby we can celebrate
Girl i want your body
Baby we can celebrate
Private slumber party
It's like ohhh oh oh oh oh ohh x2

Girl now kill it kill it
Celebrate so hard i'll make you feel it
Kill it, kill it
This a remix so you know i had to go in
Bodies like my favorite holiday
Like the evening big and make em knock it holly way
Like it's only once a year i always mark the day
When the children gone i'm feenin for another day
You ready for your gift
Wrapping sumit big i know that i can make it fit
When you can i really love to lick
An all the cake you can fit into your outfit
It's crazzy ohh
Lemme pop that thang like a bottle of rosa ohh
Hop upon this mic like its your birthday
Imma work your door
Cause you're v.i.p
Baby celebrate with me
We can start off with some foreplay
Baby we can celebrate
Section lightin ? in your door way
That's how we go celebrate
Private after party
I cant wait to celebrate all up in your body
Now that must be celebrate
It's like the fourth of july in between your thighs
It's like fireworks just light up the sky
Don't need no reservation
You're my invitation to this love makin
It's a celebration

Get your bottles in the air oh oh
Get your passes in the air oh oh
Hands up in the air oh oh
Celebrate (celebrate)

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