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Brad Paisley

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Well i'm a sucker for fine cuban cigars
The problem is i can't afford 'em
But last year i went and got myself a whole box
And just to be safe, i insured 'em

I took out a policy against fire and theft
And then i hurried on home
With a fifty-cent lighter, i sat on my back steps
And i smoked 'em one by one

Two weeks later i went to see that insurance man
And i handed in my claim
With a straight face i told him that through a series of small fires
They'd all gone up in flames

They reviewed my case and they had no choice
But to pay me for what i'd done
I took that check and bought a whole new box
And i smoked 'em one by one

Two weeks later this detective shows up
Tells me that company's pressin' charges
One speedy trial later they locked me up
On twenty-four separate counts of arson

And now i sit and stare at a blank brick wall
Lookin' back on what i've done
To pass the time i've got some ten-cent cigars
And i smoke 'em one by one, yeah, i smoke 'em one by one

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