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Kanye West

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I woke up and looked around
And i don't like what i'm seeing
A lot of pain, a lot of tears
And a lot of people leaving
So i'm wondering, where you at
Why now, why
We need help, come down
But, you never show
People so oppressive they stay for it
Thinking it'll be different so they pray for it
Spend their whole life praising you
I bet they'll suffer in their grave too
Hope flowin' down the steam
It seems that deception is the theme
They spend their whole life worshiping your name
And all you give them is a dream


Self motivation, self preservation
Strength comes from within
From spite and from hatred
A lot of children being hurt
Diseases inserted, people getting murdered
Woman getting raped while creating false pregnancies
Laughing while smoking cigarettes, people burned to death
New birth defects
People die from aids, oh my god what's next
Men lose respect, now they don't protect
Safety laws connect in the form of threats
Now what you say can behoove me
Now you gotta prove it to me
So while i burn this planet down gravely, i challenge you to save me

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