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When everybody's gone
And nobody's breathing
What's the color "nothing"
What's the sound of "no"

On my lawn
Critters crawl and make they're way through dirt they scare me
Something's wrong
Not too long
Not too long ago i hated crickets, spiders
Ants on logs
Hated bees
Hated worms i hated things that slid and hopped and slithered
Lizards, frogs

Troubled times
Troubled mind you were my anchor in this big sea
Every time
Heard a song
Heard it drivin' on my way to minnesota
Sang along
Made me cry
Made me think about my life when you were in it

Once i had a thought
Made me so upset
Asked my mother things about existence and death
That's one concern too big
Told me not to worry, "you've got so much time to live"
Held me very long
Told me "child, be strong."

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