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Release date : 06/11/2001

Duration : 0:02:26

Style : Alternative

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I could show you, do you want me to show you? call it a day or you can =
Pay my way, gonna cry 'til i'm all cried out, i could show you, i could =
Easily show you. you may say i live on easy street, you can think =
Anything you want to think, come by some time my door is open to you, =
Where i can show you how easy i am. everyone knows i'd sell my sister =
For cigarettes, why shouldn't i? she'd do the same to me, we could show =
You, we could easily show you, if you only knew you wouldn't be so =
Upset, what if she's in league with me? we can show you, we can easily =
Show you.
Submitted by: mel

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