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Release date : 28/07/2014

Duration : 0:03:26

Style : Pop

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Bubble girl you feel like a movie
An' bubble blow bit faster
An' bubble take fast now
An' bubble fast slow down
The slope
Blue, blue, blue, blue

Little girl
You chew girl, lie on to you
Bubble blow bit faster
Bit faster christian
An' bubble fast slow down
Big slow
A bit faster
Everything's good
Dreams of me
To liquid
Dream salty dream
Of something quick
Deep slice to sometimes into my hand
False alarm
Fools imagine into slow black
Slow, slow fence

Sneak up lights across the horizon
Sneak up last night in moonlight
Party grasses over the ocean
I love to write
Bubble blow you comeback
You slow down
Bubble blow
Big faster
Big faster
Bubble fish take fast now
Ba ding, ba ding, ba ding
Drip slowdown

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