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Bloody Sunday

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I thought that we were one
From all the nodding heads and how we sing along
But there are still the ones that got the scene all wrong
Yeah you dance real hard and we all know your names
For those that come and go
I will still remain
One hand outstretched waiting for return
We're so diverse so much more to learn
A fellowship not just a place to dance
We'll make this work lets take a stand
This scene's diseased you're living proof
You act as if you're a one man crew
You've paid your dues
We need your help
This all begins and ends with you
All those things you do
What's been done to you
My hands are rinsed clean
You don't own this scene
Why do you lean
Stand on your own
Just be yourself and don't let anyone tell you how to grow
You can't fake through this and pretend to love a god that you don't know
We can't make this work if you're standing by yourself all alone
This is not the place to make rules for a scene that you don't own.

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