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Ohh girl look at that cute boy!
Yea he is cute girl go talk to him.
Aight watch this!

Hey cutie!
Wuz up ?
Nothin you know juss lovin tha life!
Well i was juss wonderin if u wanna call me sometime so we can get to know eachother a lil better!
Yea,that would be nice!
Well here's my number call me anytime!

Verse:today,was a good day for me,cause i saw someone i never thought i would see,he was so cute huh and fine,and i knew that one day he would be mine!

Chorus:cuteboy why don't u come and talk to me you are tha one i want to see we can walk in the park even after dark come here cuteboy,come here cuteboy

Verse:you called me,yea,to my surprise you said you saw a connection in both of our eyes,so we hooked up that night,we want to see more of eachother,(that's right)

Bridge:this boy was tha cutest thing i ever seen,so now were together (that's exactly what i mean)so all u girls that want my man you better wait and get him when u can

Chorus 2x

Cuteboy your so fine,cuteboy you are mine,cuteboy,oh cuteboy cuteboy


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