Lyrics of Darkness descends

Laura Marling

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Release date : 19/07/2011

Duration : 0:03:4

Style : Alternative

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You're holding bits of styrofoam
With your face painted on to your friends
You listen to them whine and moan
About everything you can't understand

Can i just say i don't fear the light?
But darkness descends once more into my life

And suddenly we're all alone in silence
So i take a step away
I look up to the falling snow
As it makes its home upon my face

Well, i wouldn't want to ruin
Something i couldn't save
The gap will keep us safe, the gap will keep us safe
Step away, get me when i'm down

And suddenly i'm five i've years old
And i'm just so cold i want to cry
I haul up on my gentlemen
Who have always been there in hard times

They're just not like that man of mine
Who visit me from time to time
My love, i treasure you

I hear that summer's coming back
So i stretch out my back and travel a long
The winter though it darkens me
It is pure and clean and all i want

I'll apologize to the ones i love
For leaving them when the sun comes up
Too bright for me, darkness descends

Oh well, i'm not well again
And once more darkness it descends
The ground is falling under me
And i can't find the means to leave

Convinced that i am going mad
Oh, i bury my head into his hands
So sure that i'm losing faith
Oh, i clear a space in his father's land

You deal with god far too young
Before you know it your life has run away

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