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You bout to party with flipboy and dasem

F-l-i-p what did i just spell?
Gotta hit up bitches on my cell,
It's gon be a party up in my hotel,
My hotel room is on the fifth floor
And the room numba is 5-1-4
Montreal is up in this bitch,
And flipboy is bout to bust some shit,
Got x and speed,
Some vodka and weed
It's all provided, it's all we need,
I got some bacardi for my party
So if a shawty feelin' naughty she can rub on her body,
If the crib is getting crowdy while she sein' kinda cloudy,
And i'm tipsy so dizzy, feelin' very drowsy,
Hoe around me, moanin' so loudly, aroused me,
That's it! i'ma take this bitch to the backseat of my audi.

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