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Diamonds in the grass
Ultraviolet rays
Frosted like the flowers
Insect comes alive

From the ground up to the gray blue sky
Yeah, shine
Like a million pixels bursting in my eyes

Good old radiation
Passing through my skin
The stardust medication
I'm so energized

Bring up all colors in the photosphere
Yeah, shine
Like atomic bombs blowing constantly

Yeah, ride
Make it all the way throughout this day
Yeah, die
Like every other star, one day you'll fade away

Cosmic coincidence
Cosmic coincidence
Cosmic coincidence
Cosmic coincidence

Workin' on the night shift
One look to the moon
Can't wait for tomorrow
Missing all your light

Give me just one chance to get out of here
On the dirty windows of this factory

Yeah, shine
Make the daily darkness go away
Yeah, die
But not before i've lived, but not before i fade

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