Lyrics of Don't forget to miss me

Harry Manx

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Release date : 21/05/2010

Duration : 0:03:35

Style : Blues

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Turn round don't keep running straight out the door
You're caught between a rock and something
Hurting at the core

You jumped the wire and you headed down on
Old montgomery lane
You were half way home to heaven when you
Heard that voice again

She said, always keep me close
Even cross a distant sea
One more thing, yeah before i go
Don't forget to miss me

Trouble came to tear him down
And laid his plans to waste
Thoughts of her keep coming strong,
Like a feeling he could taste

He sent her words as sweet as wine
And stars on a full moon night
She sent him kisses soft as rain
All bathed in a summer's light

The day drew near when they would meet
She rose two hours for dawn
She tried so hard not to cry but now the tears had come

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