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Release date : 18/08/2013

Duration : 0:03:25

Style : Alternative

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I saw you in the reflection of the rearview
Doting away just like we used to
With someone i’d never seen before
You’re breakin’
The heart that you stirred has now been shakin’
Identity never is mistaken
When karma comes knocking at the door

One day to get me back
I’m going down, down, down
I know what comes around
I’m going down

I’m runnin’
‘cause everyone says i got it comin’
For doing it to another woman

The only one that i adore
I never
Knew you could hold a grudge forever
I thought we could put it back together
I think you got somethin’ else in store


And reality’s setting in
I know it never will be that way again
Then one day
You’ll get me back
I’m going down, down, down
I know what goes around
I’m going down, down, down
What comes around goes around,
I’m going down and i’m waiting for
What comes around goes around
I’m going down

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