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Release date : 01/01/1995

Duration : 0:04:2

Style : Alternative

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Baby on the drive
Time is almost five
Laundry basket i
Sit in while lee tries

To tell me i should know
Tell me i would grow
Sticking fourteen stones
Gently up my nose

So i shoved one up
Until it got stuck
Five more then i'm done
Playing with lee's no fun

Dad came out the front door and he saw
Only lee sticking a rock
Up his nose while i just watched
Dad chased him around the block

Dad caught him real quick
Then he gave him shit
Hospital by six
His nose the doctors fixed

I sit on the drive
Waiting till they arrive
Nose is full inside
I'm trying to stay alive

Lee was too scared to tell dad how many
Stones up my nose, no one says
Till one day a bleeding face
A stone falls from my nose they say, they say

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