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Release date : 30/05/2014

Duration : 0:03:19

Style : Alternative

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Do you believe that our race has been run?
If the answer is yes then please tell me who won.
My heart still confused. questions no answers.
The why when and where. the who is this bastard
That's better than me? is he a bit more easy to deal with than me and my constant disaster?

Chorus:well one should never go back and fuck with the past. human error(effort) so vast, you'll feel it fast.

Stop pointing fingers, have you no manners?
We're both to blame as if it still matters.
Struck down by grief you see me retreat
Back into to my teen goodbye self esteem.
But do you want to know why?
Do you know what it's like?
To sit there in stone watching your best friends die.


Too much too soon we've seen the whole of the moon.
Just 22 and i feel like i'm through.
Believe i don't hate you.
Sorry i said i hate you. you said it too what do you expect me to do?
So let's try our best to wish each other the best.
Whatever comes next girl i wish you the best.


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