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Release date : 11/03/2000

Duration : 0:04:43

Style : Pop

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Yesterday i held you
Miles away i miss you
And all the love that you gave to me
Time goes by without you
I still dream about you
I won't give up, we are meant to be

I never thought you'd ever be the only one
But there's something telling me that i was wrong

Even when i close my eyes
I can still see your face
Cause baby a love this strong
Time can not erase
Even when i close my eyes
If you knew how much i care
That baby you're always there
Even when i close my eyes

On my lips i still taste
Our last kiss and i pray
There'll come a time to hold you once more
Smile for me and let the whole world see
That our love will never die
It's worth fighting for

I never thought i'd ever have regrets
But there's someting about you i just can't forget


I never knew with you i had it all
Guess i couldn't see the writing that was on the wall
Sometimes you have to go away just to find
That what you're searching for is exactly what you left behind


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