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James-paul Vega - Lyrix Rockwell

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Yeah, lyrics rock well, yeah,
I am a lyrical monsoon, a battle with me is like a showdown at high noon
Take ten paces turn and spit, i keep coming up with more prose to burn you with
Its lyrics rock well, dont you forget the name
Im going out of this rap game the same way i came
Underground, and the reason why
Is cause the day i start rapping will be the same day i die
Your style is old son you need to grow
I got deaf cats coming to shows to feel my flow
Im a monster, nothing to play with
And so underground im lounging under tigers basement
Knowing im better than you all are makes me fearless
So all you rappers say your prayers when you hear this
Aint a cat in the world that can contend with me
Im the lyricist that all of you rappers pretend to be
( chorus)

With my crew, everythings real, we dont front, in our ciphers
The mike gets passed like a blunt
In the sessions the blunt gets passed like a mike
See me stomping on any emcee you think is nice
Im a warrior on the mike its best not to test me
Youre losing your grip, you couldnt hold a grudge against me
Im a pioneer of tomorrow
Cause im the cat that future emcees are gonna follow
When this is just the beginning to get your ears wet
My rhymes are so ahead of my time, im not even here yet
You lack skill and imagination
You couldnt get the crowd open, like a safe with no combination
Keep your raps about guns and crack
Im here to bring the true essence of hip-hop back
The emcee, the dj, graffiti, the breaker
Its time for all you fakers out there to meet your maker
And while im here lets get one thing clear
I never feel any pressure cause i have no peers, so
Dont ever step to rock well in a mike bout
I play like an unpaid bill and put your lights out
( to chorus )

Ive been nice all my life rocking mikes since i was one
Bout to make my name bigger than the city im from, chi-town,
Whack cats put your mikes down
All i wanna hear is real hip-hop right now
Humiliating every rapper i see, even at your headline tours you open for me
The greatest lyricist, lyrics rock well, here he is
An emcee guaranteed to put it down period, you must admit my flow is flawless
Ill throw you out the game like your name was rashed wallets
I put whack cats to rest
Biggie came to me in a dream and told me im the best
Im the illest emcee on the mike
Music is my fuel, put me on a stage, watch me ignite
Im the last of a dying breed
About to spawn a new generation of real emcees.
( to chorus ) everythings real